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We created this home with a personal vision.  We knew it would need to both fit and enhance its natural wooded setting.  While tucked into the trees, the front remains open and inviting.

The interior is perfect blend of rustic mountain charm and classic elegant distinction. Expansive, yet intimate, both levels spread wide and deep offering plenty of privacy for personal quarters while opening to a grander scale for social occasions.

Kitchen cabinetry, counters and appliances feature bold colors, sleek lines and rich wood textures that feed into an equally attractive dining room and sitting area.  Railings and other wooden accents crafted by our custom millwork team add a true rustic tone to the interior.



  In this project, we combined two adjoining condo’s together into one–yet without betraying any trace of it ever being otherwise.  The extended horizontal spacing meant blending a complete kitchen into a large dining room followed by a cozy den-like sitting area complete with stone fireplace–which then flowed artfully into a full family living room.

Transforming unusual floor plans into distinctive room settings without intrusive walls requires a very creative use of space, furnishing arrangements, accessorizing, color coordination and lighting.   Subtle and careful use of colors, textures and lighting not only help delineate each individual space but also bring the entire design to life; creating a rich and comfortable showcase for their mountain getaway lifestyle.

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Adding a subtle “taste of Texas” here and there to acknowledge family roots, we kept everything open and expansive yet warm and elegant.

With a massive stone fireplace setting the stage, their living room reflects each of these design elements and presents an inviting view outside to their furnished deck, complete with another large stone fireplace, stained wood flooring plus built-in TV and sound system.

Maintaining the stone theme, we continued with complimentary stone walls framing the wine cellar and faced it with a massive arched wooden door.   This dramatic doorway opens to an impressive wine collection showcased in setting that makes you feel you’ve stepped into a grand vineyard’s private cellar.



"You guys were terrific to work with. The thing that jumps out to me is what good listeners you and Chick are. You were patient, you allowed us to move at our pace. You LISTENED! When issues did come up, you dealt with them head on, no excuses. Took responsibility. I guess all this ties into your true professionalism. Finally and I guess most importantly is the quality of your work. It is unmatched. It was truly a joy to work with you and Chick. Lyn and I are some of your best salespeople. We tell everyone we see what a joy is was to work with you. Hope we redo our deck this spring."

All the best.

John & Lyn